Furwear - Poo Bag Dispenser (Black)


Furwear - Poo Bag Dispenser (Black)



The Furwear Poo Bag Dispenser features a velcro close, allowing you to attach the dispenser around your lead so that it sits flat and doesn’t swing around.

The sturdy design and bottom slit allows you to easily access your poo bags. Perfect for your daily walks!

Fits a standard poo bag with 1 x 25pc poo bags included.


Your Furwear Poo Bag Dispenser can be attached to any D ring, lead, bag or belt.

To attach securely to your lead, snap close the handle around either the D ring or the handle of your lead. Pull apart the velcro and secure around the lead so that the dispenser lies flat. You can also use this method to attach your dispenser to your pets harness.

To use your poo bags, simply feed through the bottom split and tear at the perforated edge.