Furwear - Thinning Scissors (2-Sided)


Furwear - Thinning Scissors (2-Sided)



TRIMMING | For Thick Coats


FURWEAR - Thinning Scissors (2-Sided) keeps your furry friend looking their very best. These two-sided scissors are suitable for dogs with very thick and dense coats. With serrated edges on both blades, these scissors are for effectively thinning out your dog's coat. They can also be used to shape and blend different fur lengths for a more stylish finish.


Place the blades into the thickness of your dog's coat, give a few quick cuts and brush out loose fur with the Furwear Slicker Brush.


Remember that the more times you open and close the scissors, the more coat will be removed. These scissors are not to be used for heavy cutting and should not be used by children. Oil the blades after using to maintain their effectiveness. Can be used around the muzzle and tail with care.