Insectivore - Algae Wafer (40g)

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Insectivore - Algae Wafer (40g)



Insectivore Algae Wafers are a multi protein, sustainably sourced all natural fish food that contains Spirulina, Alfa-Alfa, Kelp and Spinach. Insectivore Algae Wafers are highly palatable and has added Multi Vitamins and Omega 3 to help support a strong immune system and enhance natural fish colouration.

Feeding Guide:

Feed once a day as much as they will consume in 5 minutes.


Herring meal, whole wheat, wheat gluten, spirulina wheat germs, seaweed kelp, whole pea alfa-alfa, fish protein hydrolyzed, shrimp hydrolysate, salmon oil, spinach, E102, E133

Container must be kept free from moisture.