Insectivore - Betta Flakes (25g)

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Insectivore - Betta Flakes (25g)



Insectivore Betta Flakes are a multi protein, sustainably sourced all natural Betta food that contains Freeze Dried Bloodworms and Krill. Insectivore Betta Flakes are highly palatable and has added Multi Vitamins to help support a strong immune system and enhance natural fish colouration.

Feeding Guide:

Feed once a day as much as they will consume in 5 minutes.


Herring meal, wheat flour, fish hydrolyzate, brewer's yeast, wheat gluten, shrimp meal, FD bloodworms, FD krill, carob, mealworm oil, salmon oil, garlic, paprika, crab eggs, colourants E124, E17

Container must be kept free from moisture.