Kumfi - Kombi Martingale Collar (X-Small)

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Kumfi - Kombi Martingale Collar (X-Small)



The Kombi Martingale Collar is a unique design with a snap fastener and ID ring holder. The snap fastener allows you to fit the collar quickly and easily, and the ID ring holder may be used to convert it into a standard non-choking collar. The collar checks (stops) without choking, and the jingle of the chain acts as an attentive command. 


Size Guide

  • EXTRA SMALL – 26-33cm
  • Suitable for Bichon Frise, Yorkshire Terrier, Papillon and similar sized breeds

Measure around the neck. These breeds are intended as a guide as the size of your dog may vary.


Fitting Guide

  1. Release the snap fastener and place around your dog’s neck, then fasten the snap fastener.
  2. Always make sure you can fit two fingers between your dog’s neck and its collar.
  3. Attach your Complete Control Lead to the ring on the chain. As your dog pulls the collar will gently tighten.


Training Tips

If your dog tends to pull constantly, attach your lead to the ring on the chain. When your dog pulls, the chain section will tighten without choking. After time, your dog will learn that when it hears the chain move the collar will tighten, this will help prevent them from pulling in the future.



Always check that the Kombi Collar is in good condition before use and adjusted correctly.