OUT! - Puppy Housetraining Spray (500ml)

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OUT! - Puppy Housetraining Spray (500ml)



OUT! - Puppy Housetraining Spray (500ml) helps you to train your puppy to consistently use a toilet area selected by you. 


This housetraining aid is easy and convenient for indoor and outdoor use. It can help shorten the housetraining period as it encourages your pup to eliminate in the specific areas. The aid uses a formulated attractant to draw dogs and puppies to the allocated toileting area.


Keep the pad in an area available to your pet, but away from the bed and food. If toilet accidents happen, remove all traces of the odour to prevent your pet being attracted back to that area to toilet. To eliminate odour from accident sites use an enzyme based cleaner like Out! - Stain & Odour Remover.