Paradise - Square Bird Cage


Paradise - Square Bird Cage



29 x 22 x 38cm

  • Two outside feeders placed at the front of the cage
  • One inside ring perch and one horizontal plastic perch
  • One main door with two feeder doors in the front
  • Includes a pull-out debris tray for easy cleaning
  • Blue base with white wire



Create an oasis in your home. Put your pet first with Paradise bird products. We are dedicated to helping you, as a bird owner, create the best environment for your pet. With years of experience in the pet industry, our main goal is to provide a selection of suitable products for you. ​Our bird cages were chosen with your pet in mind. With a wide range of features and sizes, we hope that every bird owner finds the right cage for their  feathered friend. We believe that every bird deserves to live in paradise.