Peckish - Aviary Grit (400g)


Peckish - Aviary Grit (400g)



PECKISH - Aviary Grit (400g) is the perfect addition to sprinkle over your aviary bird's regular feed. This finely ground shell grit aids healthy digestion and provides the calcium that other regular bird food blends may lack. Your feathered friends will thank you!


Finely ground shell grit promotes better digestion in birds by passing through to the gizzard and assisting in the grinding process of food digestion. Aviary grit made with shells is also a great source of calcium for birds, which can be a common problem for certain types of birds, particularly parrots.



100% Australian shells whole & pieces.


Aviary grit cannot substitute a varied, healthy diet for birds. While this grit does have many benefits for your bird, it is important to ensure their regular diet includes fruits, vegetables and fibre. Store dry and in closed original packaging. Fresh water should also be available at all times.