Peckish - Junior Rearing Blend Egg & Mealworms (2kg)


Peckish - Junior Rearing Blend Egg & Mealworms (2kg)



Suitable for most species of birds, including Budgies, Cockatiels, Lorikeets and Parrots.


Peckish Junior Rearing Blend with added Egg and Mealworms is a nutritious blend for hand-rearing chicks and young birds. Made from all natural ingredients, the combination of egg and mealworm provides your birds with the necessary vitamins, minerals, calcium and protein for growing bones, healthy organ function, consistent weight gain and strong feather development to transition to fully fledged.

Give your feathered friends a balanced diet and a taste that they will love.


Feeding Instructions:

Ideal to use from day one. When hand-rearing, feed moist by mixing with water. The frequency of feeding and the blend’s consistency will vary according to species and age. Discard of any unused portions after feeding.

Begin transitioning to the appropriate Peckish Adult Softbill Blend or Peckish Hookbill Pellets once your bird is fully fledged. Start their transition to pellets by feeding them a 50:50 ratio of this blend and pellets. This may require initially crumbling the pellets. Once they become accustomed to the size and texture, reduce the amount of this blend over several weeks until they are consuming a pellet diet.

For small birds the transition to fully fledged takes between 4-8 weeks on average, whereas larger birds take between 10-18 weeks on average. This transitional period depends on the breed of the bird and their environment.



Wheat, Corn, Soybean Meal, Dextrose, Rice Flour, Egg Powder, Dried Mealworm Flour, Vegetable Oil, Water, Vitamin and Mineral Premix, Blueberry Flavour Powder


Can be supplemented with suitable fresh fruits and vegetables.