Peckish - Nesting Material Fibre (80g)


Peckish - Nesting Material Fibre (80g)



Birds require a variety of materials when building their nests. They use different substrates to line their nests and cushion their eggs.


Peckish Nesting Fibre is the ideal substance to encourage nesting. Nesting birds seek different materials for many reasons, including:

  • Insulating eggs from variations in temperature
  • Protection from potential predators through camouflage
  • Cushioning eggs from parent's weight and other potential hazards


Peckish Nesting Fibre is an excellent way to naturally attract wild birds, and encourage them to take up residence in your backyard. The all-natural material is easy to use for beginners, and ideal for aviary owners and professional breeders alike.

Peckish Nesting Fibres are guaranteed free from harmful materials that have been treated with pesticides, fertilisers, and other potentially toxic chemicals. It has been made from sterilised and dehydrated coconut fibres that are ideal for most birds.