Peckish - Free Range Layer Mix (5kg)


Peckish - Free Range Layer Mix (5kg)



Peckish Free Range Layer Mix has been specially formulated for all breeds of laying hens from 18-20 weeks old. Peckish Free Range Layer Mix is a complete ration, featuring balanced (14%) protein and energy levels to maintain steady, healthy growth.

For a better performance, higher protein feed, we recommend Peckish Performance Layer Mix.


Feeding Instructions:

To be fed ad-lib from 18 weeks old or about 10-14 days prior to commencement of lay. Egg production usually begins at around 20-22 weeks of age. A recommended minimum is 110-125 grams per bird per day.


Wheat, Barley, Triticale, Oats, Lupins, Sorghum, Maize, Sunflower seed, Shell Grit, Salt and Vegetable Oil.


Ensure fresh drinking water available at all times.