Peckish - Timothy Greens Rose & Marigold (750g)


Peckish - Timothy Greens Rose & Marigold (750g)



Peckish Timothy Greens are an important dietary staple for rabbits and guinea pigs, and should make up approximately 75% of their diet. Grown in Tasmania, Timothy Hay is naturally high in essential fibre to assist in balancing their digestive system. As your rabbit or guinea pig grazes on the hay, they are benefitting their dental health as chewing wears down their growing teeth and also keeps them physically active and mentally stimulated. While research on flowers in a small animal’s diet is  limited, in nature they are known to consume flowers and it is believed they provide not only enjoyment but also health benefits.

This blend includes high quality Timothy Hay combined with Echinacea & Hibiscus flowers. These flowers are thought to support the immune system and aid with skin, coat and eye health while also providing anti-inflammatory properties.


Feeding Instructions:

Can be fed in conjunction with other Peckish Small Animal Feeds and Treats, and other sources of roughage



Timothy Hay, Dried Rose, Dried Marigold


Ensure fresh drinking water available at all times.