Pisces - Live Mealworms Regular (50g)

Pisces Live

Pisces - Live Mealworms Regular (50g)



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Available in a 50g tub.


PISCES - Live Mealworms Regular (50g) provide your bird or reptile a natural insect food. Not only are they clean, but they also provide variety to your pet's diet, is an ideal protein source and encourages foraging in birds. Feed mealworms straight from the container or transfer them to a bowl with slippery sides to prevent escape.



They will live longer if kept in the crisper area of the refrigerator as the cold temperature slows them down. To keep them for a longer period of time, every two weeks remove them from the refrigerator and allow them to warm up. Give them a small amount of apple or carrot and top up their unprocessed bran. After 24 hours remove the uneaten food and return them to the fridge for re-use.