Prodibio - Bioptim Fresh & Salt 30 (6000L)


Prodibio - Bioptim Fresh & Salt 30 (6000L)



BIOPTIM is a "source" of nutrients for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. It also
provides the BIODIGEST bacteria with the micronutrients necessary for optimal purification activity in the aquarium (trace elements, amino acids, vitamins, plant surfactants).

BIOPTIM stimulates the work of bacteria, accelerates the digestion of organic matter and thus improves water quality. It also facilitates the elimination of nitrates and phosphates, precursors to the appearance of filamentous algae and cyanobacteria.


We recommend its use:

  • After introducing new fish or invertebrates.
  • After a water change.
  • After medication or anti-algae treatment.


Dosage: Every 15 days

120-200L (1 Bioptim)

200-400L (2 Bioptim)

400-600L (3 Bioptim)

1000L+ (PRO)