PURINA ONE - Hairball Cat Wet Food (12pk x 70g)

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PURINA ONE - Hairball Cat Wet Food (12pk x 70g)



PURINA ONE - Hairball Cat Wet Food (12pk x 70g) contains a blend of natural plant fibres that work with your cat’s digestive system to help control hairball formation.

Feeding this formula in conjunction with regular grooming of your cat, particularly through the shedding season and warmer months, is an effective way to help control and manage hairballs.

Specially formulated to help develop healthy muscles and bones, aids with vision and brain development with DHA and helps build up natural defences due to being filled with antioxidants.

Made with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, PURINA ONE Adult Urinary Cat food is perfect for cats 1+ years with succulent chicken in gravy as a quality protein source and providing great taste.



Chicken, Lamb, Beef and Fish products; Cereal Protein; Minerals, Amino acids, Various sugar and Antioxidants; Natural Plant Fibre and natural plant derivatives.