TICKLESS Pet (Beige)

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TICKLESS Pet (Beige)



TICKLESS Pet – Easy to use easy to love.

Chemical-free, ultrasonic tick and flea repellent for cats, dogs and other lovable furry animals.

Ticks and fleas could cause many dangerous illnesses, and everybody wants to protect their furry friend from these dangerous parasites, but in a safe way. Traditional tick repellents often mean harsh chemicals. If you want to avoid not only these parasites but also occasional allergic reactions when using chemicals, choose the chemical-free TICKLESS family. It’s chemical-free, keeping your pet’s well-being a top priority.

The device emits ultrasonic pulses that are imperceptible to humans and pets, but disturb ticks and fleas, thus keeping them away from your pet for at least 6 months. Attaching TICKLESS Pet to collars or harnesses is as simple as fetch! Once attached, your pet is free to explore with tick worries left behind. Let their curiosity run wild; TICKLESS Pet will handle the tick defence.

  • Chemical and fragrance-free
  • 94% efficiency against ticks
  • Safe to use even for puppies, ill-, pregnant and elderly pets also
  • The operating range is 1.5m
  • Scientifically proven
  • All-season long protection
  • Preventive solution

Attention: To ensure its effectiveness, the device should remain affixed to the animal at all times. Do not obstruct the emitted ultrasonic waves! Effectiveness depends on the condition of the animal’s coat, as well as the number of parasites present in the area. In areas heavily populated by ticks, 100% protection is not guaranteed. Not suitable for removing ticks or fleas from pets that have already been infected.