Zoo Med - Betta Cleaning Kit

Zoo Med

Zoo Med - Betta Cleaning Kit



Maintaining a clean environment is essential for the health of any fish or aquatic animal.

Zoo Med’s Betta Tools Aquarium Cleaning Set contains components that were hand-picked to make cleaning your Betta’s tank a breeze!


Kit Includes:

  • Fish Net - scoop out any large debris, or if your tank needs an overhaul, you can remove your fish and place it in a temporary container while you work.
  • Plant Fork - perfect for planting live, or faux-flora, and adjusting other habitat decor.
  • Sponge - excellent for removing algae or grime from glass and other smooth surfaces in the tank.
  • Microfiber Cloth - remove water spots and dust from the outside of your tank, and clean up and drips on your counter, desk, table, or floor.


Care Tips:

  • Perform a water change on your Betta's habitat weekly
  • Always treat water being added to the habitat with Betta H2O Water Conditioner
  • Use a good filter, such as Zoo Med's Betta Clean (BF-10), to help keep water clean in between water changes